Not always so nice to my lil buddy, but she's very important & nice to me so credit where credit is due. This is the most vain thing I've done on the internet also so I'll probably delete it by morning. Go make ur own!!
  1. Stick straight hair
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    Could use a brush, but it just dries like this. Shout out for being so manageable.
  2. Face freckles
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    Lil kisses from mother sun 🌞 omg they are so cute
  3. Shoulder freckles
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    Pt 2 sun kisses AKA tiny lil melanomas from extreme sun burns that are low key adorable
  4. Teeth
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    Never had braces
  5. Eyes
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    Okay everybody says this but that's cuz eyes are hot AF. Mine are a super dope dark blue/ gray/ greenish at times? Mostly just dark blue. My parents thought they were black when I was bc I'm so hardcore 🤘🏻
  6. Brows
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    I've worked on them so much IVE EARNED THIS OKAY
  7. Ears
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    Look at those cute lil nuggets. They hear great. A lil waxy but it's chill. I love how they are very flat on one side???
  8. & now a tour of my favorite moles
    They are all over my pale body. My mother used to call them beauty marks. I'm low key obsessed with them.
  9. Mole #1
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    Aka the Marilyn Monroe. Except she has to draw it on. So dope. So cute. Favorite part of my face?
  10. Mole #2
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    On my collar bone. Raised & very grounding for when I feel anxious. Can feel it & my pulse simultaneously.
  11. Mole #3
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    Right on the belly button. Lil button on the button. Adorable.
  12. Mole #4
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    Slightly off center under where my bra rests. V cute. Maybe sexy? I dig it.
  13. Mole #5
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    To the left of the belly button. Also a cutie.
  14. Mole #6
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    This appeared like 2 years ago? SUPER CUTE addition to an encouraging thumbs up 👍
  15. Scar of my left wrist
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    Fell on a pair of scissors covered in pencil lead when I was six. Always called it my tattoo. SO DOPE.
  16. My very fair skin
    I have a peachy complexion old ladies always compliment. Weird, but also lovely to hear.