1. SNL
  2. That Jimmy Fallon wasn't funny on SNL
  3. That you personally know Harry Styles & would like to set me up on a date with him
  4. How Tuesday is the worst day of the week
  5. Today's HONY PERFECT love story
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  6. How Batman isn't a real superhero
  7. Born Ruffians
  8. The importance of the dialogue Twenty One Pilots is creating surrounding mental health through their music
  9. Intersectional feminism
  10. Your love of standing room only concert venues
  11. How upset you are about the Harry Potter films taking all of Ron's good qualities & giving them to Harry & Hermoine
  12. That you believe ACU to be this world's finest college
  13. Texas in general
  14. How Justin Bieber is truly making a comeback this year
  15. Just how good Master of None is
  16. Your deep seeded psychological issues
  17. How funny my Twitter is
    Seriously follow me there so I can follow you cool people
  18. That Jess was Rory's best boyfriend
  19. Your love of the film Whiplash
  20. Tim Riggins
  21. How Peyton from One Tree Hill is seriously the worst
  22. How much you hated the finale to How I Met Your Mother
  23. That you use the List App