I lived & ate here for 4 years & I miss it greatly.
  1. A burger at Heff's
    People may try to tell you that Lucy's is better. Those people are fools.
  2. A sandwich at Bogie's
    My old standby is the Caine Mutiny (everything is named after Humphrey Bogart movies which I think is the coolest). Also, they actually have veggie-friendly options which is rare in West Texas.
  3. Chicken tacos at Armando's
    Hole in the wall restaurant with the best Mexican food in town. The styrofoam plates truly add to the ambiance.
  4. Gewürztraminer at The Mill
  5. Pulled pork at Sharon's BBQ
  6. Chicken salad & peach tea at Hickory Street Cafe
  7. Breakfast burritos at La Pop
  8. Long Island at the Beehive