I lived & ate here for 4 years & I miss it greatly.
  1. A burger at Heff's
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    People may try to tell you that Lucy's is better. Those people are fools.
  2. A sandwich at Bogie's
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    My old standby is the Caine Mutiny (everything is named after Humphrey Bogart movies which I think is the coolest). Also, they actually have veggie-friendly options which is rare in West Texas.
  3. Chicken tacos at Armando's
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    Hole in the wall restaurant with the best Mexican food in town. The styrofoam plates truly add to the ambiance.
  4. Gewürztraminer at The Mill
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  5. Pulled pork at Sharon's BBQ
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  6. Chicken salad & peach tea at Hickory Street Cafe
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  7. Breakfast burritos at La Pop
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  8. Long Island at the Beehive
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