Sometimes my enthusiasm goes a lil overboard
  1. When I made a newsletter itinerary for my friend's visit & emailed it to her
  2. When my friend & I turned a progressive dinner into a semi formal event where everyone had to bring a date & we made t shirts
  3. When I spent 6 hours making a buzzfeed quiz about which of my friends you are
  4. When I covered my friends wall in newspaper cut outs of a boy she thought was cute
    This took a tremendous amount of effort & I'm low key super proud of it even though it was v creepy
  5. When I printed out 22 copies of my friend's face, glued them to sticks, & had her friends hand them to her throughout the day
    It was for her 22nd birthday
  6. Obsessively commenting on my friend's old Facebook posts
    It happens sometimes
  7. I just get really excited about life sometimes okay?
  8. It's a personality flaw but I'm really fun & not all THAT creepy I promise
  9. Plz be my friend for these kinds of antics
    They are an extension of my love okay bye 👽