A year in review
  1. Static
    Spent like an hour putting on fake eyelashes to be *extra*
  2. Static
    Wore a shawl out to the bar & drank coffee out a mug on the way there *peak grandma*
  3. Static
    Tfw you cried about the election 12x today✨
  4. Static
    When ur shoe's broke but ur makeup is 🔥
  5. Static
    WHAT 👏🏻 A 👏🏻 LOOK 👏🏻
  6. Static
    Took this right before I was gonna wash my face bc this look had to be documented
  7. Static
    The kids bathroom in my office doesn't have a real mirror so kids don't break it / hurt themselves with it. This very shiny metal substitute made me feel ~spoooky~
  8. Static
    No makeup but still cute doe
  9. Static
    ~*being antisocial @ a wedding*~
  10. Static
    I'm Snow White
  11. Static
    Jk got bit by a dog the next day
  12. Static
    Idk do I?
  13. Static
    Posing in a shirt in front of walls🎶
  14. Static
    Okay this one is just kinda funny