I am always super interested to know! Please share yours & if you think it's accurate at all!
  1. ENFJ
    I am 100% everything ever written about my type. Probably why I am always psyched to hear about other people's types.
  2. I'm as INFJ as it gets.
    And very skeptical of other people who identify as INFJ because no one else ever actually is.
    Suggested by @graceadilla
  3. Also INFJ
    To the max.
    Suggested by @emilyannlosey
  4. INTJ
    I live by this description because I think it describes me perfectly and explains so much.
    Suggested by @krista_da
  5. ENFP 👌🏼
    Suggested by @hannazoeo
  6. ENTP
    Doesn't account for my creative and emotional side but definitely accurate! Helped me learn a lot about myself/my decision-making processes
    Suggested by @maggieannre
  7. ENFJ
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  8. ISFJ
    Very accurate 👍🏼
    Suggested by @allysonarno
  9. INFJ, also!
    Suggested by @jhope71
  10. INTJ
    And it explains everything.
    Suggested by @ebsquared
  11. INTP
    And it's very accurate.
    Suggested by @franksars
  12. Textbook INFP.
    Same as Colbert!
    Suggested by @beatlesmccuen
  13. ISFJ and 1000% accurate!
    Suggested by @elruff
  14. INFP 👌🏻
    All of the feelings and daydreaming all of the time.
    Suggested by @zeldafitzlauryn
  15. INTP
    It's pretty accurate 😁
    Suggested by @linzamauve
  16. INTJ / ISTJ
    I go both ways. 🙃 I can dream big and make plans, and then roll up my sleeves and make it happen!
    Suggested by @jenward
  17. ISFP
    Pretty darn accurate!
    Suggested by @coconut
  18. ISTP - same as my wife and Snoop Dog.
    Suggested by @natecornett
    And I love all INFJs. 😍
    Suggested by @erikaaa
  20. INFJ or INFP
    I've taken this a few times and went back and forth between the two. It's scored on a continuum, so I guess I'm close to the middle on the j/p scale. When I'm stressed, I like definite answers. When I'm relaxed, I can dwell in ambiguity.
    Suggested by @AlyciaCT
  21. INFJ here too! ✨
    Now where will I meet one in real life
    Suggested by @daniela
  22. INFJ
    Very very accurate. I used to be obsessed with Myers-Briggs and took the tests a bunch of times and always got this.
    Suggested by @faith9
  23. ESTJ
    I can never remember my type but once @roballen told me it was the same as George W Bush so now I just google that
    Suggested by @kasey_johnson
  24. ESTP or ESTJ, depending on the test I take
    Suggested by @kyraa
  25. It's different every time!
    I am really an ambivert skewing slightly introverted so I usually get INFP or INFJ. I like to schedule things but also love being spontaneous so it depends on the test. And my mood at the time honestly lol. I took two tests today and one said I could fit like 8 different types in some ways, so none describe me 100%.
    Suggested by @macnchz
  26. ! ⚡️ENFP⚡️ !
    Suggested by @abbyd
  27. INFJ!! My people!
    Suggested by @carey
  28. ENFP 💕
    Suggested by @bookishclaire
  29. INTJ
    Pretty accurate. Always called the mastermind and that makes me feel evil. also in the Harry Potter universe it is apparently Draco so idk what that says about me
    Suggested by @paige
  30. INFJ
    Totally thought this was a reference to David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest when I first took the test. I was such a dork then.
    Suggested by @Jazz
  31. INFP
    I think. I've only taken it once and I definitely don't remember what that means.
    Suggested by @DG
  32. Smack dab in the middle of INFJ/INFP. My whole life feeling like constant purgatory makes total sense now
    Suggested by @angeliaheimsoth
  33. INFJ 😳
    Suggested by @eilish
  34. ENFP
    Suggested by @aus10
  35. ENTJ I need an hour by myself everyday then I'm good to go on this. Shout out to Meyers Briggs for the insight on why I operate like I do and for understanding why my husband drives me crazy;) and much ❤️ to you for asking this question. ROCK ON! 🤘🏼
    Suggested by @deeannroundy
  36. INFJ!
    I'm excited there are so many of us on the List App!
    Suggested by @bware427
  37. ESFP - all the feels
    Suggested by @d33rmngr
  38. INFJ!
    Suggested by @ktenkely
  39. ESFJ, which I'm told is rare?
    So true it's scary. Extroverted and Sensing, which means I'm usually loud and crying. Right? Also Sarah Palin/Rick Santorum??? What did I do wrong????
    Suggested by @hpryfogle
  40. ENTJ-Move over I got this! Yes!
    Suggested by @notme
  41. ESFJ
    👯 it's spot on- 100% me.
    Suggested by @courtney__jill