Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I am a LICSW
    This is actually the goals for 2.5 years from now. Highest level license a social worker can get.
  2. I am a therapist for adolescents or college aged kids
    Still waiting to see about this one. I work with high schoolers now, but if the opportunity presented itself to work with slightly older population, I'd be SO into that.
  3. I am living in Austin
    Texas stole my heart. Austin seems like the safest place to be the flaming Democrat that I am. Also music & bars.
  4. Dating someone?
    Idk, have spent 22 years of my life not dating people, so it seems unrealistic to plan on starting to do that? But also it may be nice?
    THIS IS A NON-NEGOTIABLE. Preferably Golden Retriever. More preferably a rescue. I will train it to be a therapy dog so I can take my best friend to work.