Aka mysteriously disappear & leave us all in despair (I had to stop myself at ten because I am obsessed with everyone on this app but I also need to sleep tonight, so please suggest more & I will probably add more to this)
  1. He realizes he can no longer control what he created alá Jurassic World.!Or him & @mindy finally declare non-platonic love for each other & he's waiting until all of us stop losing our damn minds.
  2. Her & @destiel have run off together. Or her mom took her cell phone privileges away because she's still in high school.
  3. Hamilton got taken off Broadway for copyright infringement. Jess is working tirelessly day & night to see this wrong righted.
  4. She takes a very long backpacking trip to Europe & abandons us all because she doesn't have over seas data coverage
  5. @nathanveshecco
    Taking a week in a reclusive cabin to write his next album
  6. @witchdoctorc
    Finally realized she's too good for this app/ world & is living the glamorous diva lifestyle she deserves without bothering with us lil people
  7. He's too busy formulating his next insta masterpiece
  8. She got seriously dehydrated waiting to do laundry at her college. SOMEONE HELP THE POOR GIRL. GET HER TO A HOSPITAL.
  9. A stranger mistakes her for a puppy because she's so damn adorable & she is seriously contemplating telling them that they are mistaken, but also she's getting a lot of love because puppies have the best lives
  10. She has finally made her transition to become the superhero in charge of beating the living shit out of anyone who doesn't signal before they change lanes. It is an exhausting job because of the ever present need.