Inspired by @yikes & everybody else
  1. Cries at 90% of the YouTube videos watched
  2. Complains about single women being looked down upon but also watches an ungodly amount of romantic comedies
  3. Tells at least 3 high school students a day to be more productive with their schoolwork & goes home & watches Netflix instead of doing homework
  4. Encourages clients to utilize healthy coping for anxiety, but continually practices poor time management, resulting in anxiety
  5. Validates others consistently, invalidates personal emotions because they aren't "logical" & I should "know better"
  6. Gets upset with others, acts nicer towards them & angrier at myself
  7. Complains about interacting with new humans, am actively pursuing a degree in social work
  8. Ignores people I want to talk to more often
  9. Promotes positive self image in others, 85% of personal humor is self deprecating
  10. Attracted to Harry Styles even though he's a Packers fan
  11. Extremely attracted to Andy Samberg in Cuckoo like wth is wrong with me???