Inspired by @graceadilla
  1. Not all social media sites are awful cesspools filled with the worst of humanity
    Most, but not all, is an exception to the rule, a diamond in the rough. I think I used the word cesspool wrong but I like it too much to change it.
  2. Old people are awesome
    Mainly I interact with people around my age. So I don't really think much about people outside my generations The old people I've met on list are amazing though, they're super intelligent and contribute so much to society and so emotionally together. Honestly they're like Dumbledore or Gandalf. There's lots of people but two who come to mind are @Heartsounds and @pili_ervin . Also anybody who's over 25 is old by my standards as a 16 year old. So don't take offence.
  3. I'm really damn young
    I feel *old* man I feel like I've been here ageeeessss, but then some of you guys are like thirty or older and I realise how much more life there is to live! It's actually really cool and scary to think about.
  4. "Regular" people are just as amazing/admirable/awesome as celebrities
    I feel like this item makes me sound like a jerk. It's not that I actively thought "celebrities are better than everyone else" before, but I think I had an unconscious bias towards them. I guess I thought these people were what I should aim towards in life. This isn't to say they're not, but loads of really amazing people aren't famous and I've been lucky to meet them! For example @marceline spends her days doing amazing art, @pili_ervin works with special ed kids, @Heartsounds was a nurse.
  5. Success comes in many forms
    Expanding on the last point, people on here have so many different jobs and yet all seem quite happy. I used to think only a few careers were "successful" but now I realise you can really be anything and still very fulfilled as a person.
  6. You can change and grow but still keep the same friends
    This definitely isn't a viable option all the time, but it can be. I tend to delete and make new social media accounts frequently, never staying took long, remaking with each knew phase and interest. I don't have to do that here, because people don't seem to mind if I list slightly differently or less, I don't feel any obligation to be a certain way here, I guess I feel accepted unconditionally.
  7. Something that you consider perfect the way it is will be changed because a) perfection is subjective and just because you think it's perfect doesn't mean other people do b) change is a constant in life
    *cough* updates *cough* but yeah I really did prefer before trending, featured, relist and drafts got taken away. But the people who made list didn't and that's OK, it's they're platform. They know it better than I do. Sometimes things change and I won't like them, but just gotta role with it,
  8. Remembering to update something every day is really difficult
    See my quotes list. I also frequently forget to take my medication every day though, I think I'm just forgetful.
  9. It's worth sharing your opinions
    I've always gotten such positive responses here even when I post something I was hesitant to share, it's make me more open and less afraid of expressing myself.
  10. I really really really want a pug
    @kiraandlulu this is your doing. Lulu is so cute and I want a pug so badly can. My parents said no. :(