Cards I've sent

I love old fashioned greeting cards. More proof that I'm a grandma in the body of a sixteen year old boy. I'll update this list as I send more cards. :-)
  1. For my maternal grandmother
    To thank her for sending me a card and money for my birthday.
  2. For my paternal grandmother
    To thank her for sending me a birthday card and money.
  3. Valentine's Day card for my Mum
    My mum and I are from England so we spell it "mum" not "mom"
  4. Valentine's Day card for Dad
    We both really love chocolate so this was perfect!
  5. For my best friend's birthday
    It's not until mid April but I'm on the ball!
  6. For a friend's birthday
  7. For my pen pals birthday
  8. For Mothers Day
    I haven't updated this list in so long, I forgot it existed to be honest. Unfortunately a couple cards have been sent now and I never got a photo of them, but I'll include the ones I have. This is for Mother's Day. I really like it because it's cute and spells mum the way I do. It's the British way, and that's how I spelled it as a young child, so I keep spelling it like that now. I got it from the bookstore I love!
  9. I love these quote cards
  10. I'm giving this one to the family friends I'm going away with this weekend as a thank you along with some bath bombs :-)
  11. I'm going to give this one to my best friend (also part of the family friends I'm going away with) along with a chain mail bracelet if I can manage it.
  12. Birthday card for my Mum!
    Her birthday is tomorrow!
  13. Postcard for pen pal #1
  14. Postcard for pen pal #2
  15. Postcard for pen pal #3
  16. Birthday card for pen pal #3
  17. Tea postcard as part of the birthday gift for pen pal #3
  18. For my new friend's birthday!
    It's a UNICEF card!