Photos On My Phone, Not Chosen At Random

  1. The not random part is mainly because I don't want to share pictures of myself
  2. Pineapple DOES go on pizza
  3. When common sense isn't common enough
  4. The cow that convinced me to be a vegetarian
  5. A picture of a very nice beach, my profile photo was also taken here
  6. These are mashed potatoes you can buy from the supermarket and heat up, they're wonderful!
  7. A book I saw on holiday and took a photo of
  8. A picture I took in a copy of an old version of the DSM
  9. This cake was life changing good
  10. One of my favourite books
  11. I've always wanted one of these hoovers. I saw this one in a hotel.
  12. Took this walking home
  13. From a hike with my mum yesterday
    @Heartsounds I thought you might like this picture! It was a lot more beautiful in real life. I'm not much of a photographer I'm afraid.
  14. I finished my chain mail bracelet in art metal! I'm going to give it to my friend for her birthday in April!
    I love making these! I want to buy materials to make them at home.
  15. I love this lemonade
  16. A snail I met out on a walk
    I think his name's Samson. 🐌
  17. A very nice breakfast
    A chocolate chi muffin and twinnings English breakfast tea!
  18. Went on a walk
  19. A cupcake I made
  20. Look what I got for my cat!
  21. The prince enjoying the sunlight