@pili_ervin snug vest updates as requested!
  1. Here's a picture of me in the snug vest at less than excellent quality
  2. I have to say this vest is awesome!
  3. It looks nice and I've been complimented on it
    A boy in my class said it looked like I was wearing a bullet proof vest 😎
  4. I've been wearing it to school and it's great I like to put the hood up so I don't get as distracted
  5. When I get anxious like in science class today I go to pump it up
  6. I decided to go to the bathroom to pump it up because I felt self conscious but it's super easy to do and could easily be done pretty much anywhere
  7. It actually isn't that noticeable that it's pumped up which is also really great
  8. It feels really nice the pressure is perfect it's an odd comparison but it almost feels like someone catching you when your falling
  9. After class to deflate it I just had to turn the nozzle at the top and the air came out it made a whistling sound
  10. This is definitely a great product I would recommend for anyone who enjoys deep pressure
    It's generally used by people with autism, SPD and anxiety
  11. It's quite pricey, the government payed for mine though as it's recognised as a form of therapy
  12. I actually don't have anything bad to say, it's excellent!