I had a particularly bad episode with my mental health and was in the hospital for a bit, but I'm Ok now and was discharged today. While I was there I had a lot of time to think and I thought of what makes life worth living. These are what I got.
  1. Stars in the night sky
    I'm in the city so I don't often get to experience this pleasure. Earlier in the year I went camping with school and found myself looking at the stars. It was magnificent and magical, I could look at them forever.
  2. Sitting on grass in the sun
    This is just a very nice experience for me in a sensory way, I like feeling the texture of grass on my feet and the sun on my skin. Bonus points if you have a cold drink or ice cream.
  3. My cat sitting on my lap and purring
    This is one of if not the greatest pleasure in my life. There's nothing better than a cat sitting with you and purring.
  4. Walking through the first by my house
    Another pleasure for me, I love nature and walking in it is very calming. There's a little spot by a specific tree I especially pile to go to.
  5. My favourite songs
    I have no ear or talent for music, but I do really enjoy listening to it. There's a few songs that always please me specifically.
  6. Cookies dipped in hot chocolate
    They compliment each other well and I love when the chocolate chips in the cookie melt making it gooey.
  7. The people who love me
    Not everyone I care about cares about me but many do, I have a lot of loving supportive people in my life, including you guys on list!
  8. Tomorrow
    I always technically knew this but I only now really understood that things will move and change and my life isn't trapped in one place. Each period will have its good and bad bits but I'm not trapped. Things will keep moving and changing and I will grow.