Do enlighten me fellow listers
  1. So we're outside in the seating area of a hotel bar. There's lots of tables but two separate fire places, each of these fireplaces has two benches and a few chairs around it.
  2. One of them is taken by a group of three and the other is open, so my friend and I go to the other one and order some hot chocolate. We take up one bench so there's still loads of space.
  3. A woman comes and sits with us which is totally fair, there's loads of space all cool.
  4. Then a teenage girl and two little kids come, alright still fine.
  5. Then two grown men, a grown woman and another girl or two come.
  6. So now my friend and I are awkwardly sitting as they loudly talk
  7. And I get that like OK there's more of them so by a purely utilitarian stand point it's better for them to all be having a good time than just me and my friend having a good time.
  8. But at the same time my friend and I got there first and also we are guests at the hotel and they aren't but does that really matter?
  9. What is fairness really, like I could be philosophical about it for days but what I want to know is what's the etiquette? Was it rude of my friend and I to sit there to begin with, or was it rude for them to come?
  10. When should the line be drawn, like I didn't find it a problem when the woman and few kids came but when the loud men came we just moved. In all fairness they said we could stay and we just made an excuse and went to the inside area.
  11. so all is completely fine and obviously I'm really very blessed that this is the biggest problem in my life as it's not even really a problem.
  12. But I am curious as to what the general etiquette is so I know what is considered rude. I figure it's good to ask people not directly involved as they can be objective.