1. My mum spotted a spider running around the house
  2. My cat noticed too and began to chase after it
  3. Soon the spider was going to die at my cats hands, or paws
  4. I can't blame my cat, he's just following his instincts, he doesn't understand the spider is a life
  5. I got a cup and paper towel to capture the spider in to which my mum said "You have to leave him something to hunt."
  6. I let the spider out the door and explained how the cat isn't responsible for following his instincts, but I'm human and I knew the spider was a living being going to get killed so if I let it happen the blood was on my hands so to speak
  7. My mum said it's the circle of life
  8. She's right, but should I not interfere when I can, am I not morally obliged to save the spider?
  9. But if I do interfere is that wrong in another way? Is it fair for me to interfere with nature.
  10. I don't know, what do you think?
  11. Update: My mum apologised to my cat saying that I'm "a bit of a Buddhist" which is a religion I don't know much about