2016 Y.O.U Hamtramck

  1. Shahidur on teaming with Juha and Moha: "I want that team".
  2. Rahat on new start: "We will see . I got big plans".
  3. Mubin plans on getting his old team back. So far doubts on juned.
  4. Imran making space for a big 3 for Shahidur and plans on getting Mamun also.
  5. Chances of newcomers?
    It's a new league and new start for everyone and lots of new faces have been seen will there be better competition and new talents? We will see
  6. Early trade official . Imran trades away Ahmed and syed to free space .
    So far Imran got his early pickups and got them away to make space for a possible Shahidur Juha and Moha teamup .
  7. With the final empty spot suhal becomes captain and plans on getting Alen for offensive threat.