In our soft tissue surgery class in vet school, we were taught about the seven Cs of aseptic technique to prevent infections in surgery. Yesterday, the commencement speaker (who is a surgeon) at my graduation spoke to us about what she wants us to always remember as we start a new phase in our lives.
  1. Compassion
    Towards our patients, pet owners, our families, and ourselves. We often forget about ourselves when taking care of patients, making difficult decisions in our professional and personal lives.
  2. Communication
    Our patients cannot talk to us, which is why we have to advocate for them, their health and welfare. It is also our responsibility to communicate with the pet owners effectively to ensure they understand.
  3. Community
    It is hard to leave an amazing group of people, having spent four years together. She encouraged us to seek opportunities to join and build more communities to help others as we go out in the world. And never forget the importance of having that support.
  4. Resilience
    There will be days when things don't go well, when our patients suffer and pass away. It takes an incredible toll on us, but the ability to bounce back from those times will help us to keep going and continue to help others.