Best day ever! 🐐😘
  1. I saw him from my living room.
    He was hesitant and almost ran away.
  2. I chase him to the front door of my neighbors
    They don't speak much english but are very excited and called him a lamb. Close enough!
  3. Asked me if he belonged to me
    I wish he did! He likes me!
  4. I bring him in the house
    He is scared of the dogs. But he likes to cuddle.
  5. He is wearing a collar!
    Called the owner, said she won't be home for at least an hour. Asked if I could take him back to the pen, and I couldn't help but ask if he could stay here till she can pick him up! She agreed 🙏🏽
  6. We're best friends now.
    Too bad I can't keep him.
  7. Just sitting here envisioning my future
    I am going to be a vet and have always loved goats so today is a sign. I am sure of it.
  8. Did I mention his name is Queso?!