My 50th list! I am graduating in less than 2 weeks, moving, and starting my first adult job. I am excited and tired at the same time.
  1. Talked to a financial adviser
    Holy guacamole! It was so helpful. Even if they talked to me about retirement funds and other scary stuff such as liability and disability insurance.
  2. Found and rented a new apartment
    My first time with no roommates. Party for 1 every night 💃🏻
  3. Applied to get my state license as a veterinarian
    Me? A doctor? 😱😱
  4. Bought a washer/dryer
    For all the poop/pee/blood stained scrubs in my future 🙏🏽
  5. Booked my vacation to Puerto Rico
    One week. Alone. All I need.
  6. Furniture hunting
    Who gets so excited to buy a coffee table?!