Thanks to @ChrisK for being so awesome and to @dustinboone and @LizDawson for the inspiration.
  1. Anything local from your city.
    It could be food, coffee, art, jewelry or even a photograph with a story you scrawled on the back.
  2. Anything handmade!
    I would love love love this. I appreciate the work and time that goes into making something and it will always be cherished.
  3. A book you think I should read.
    It could be a book you already have and are willing to pass on. Would love it if it has a note on the inside :)
  4. Animals
    Send me a puppy. JK. I love all animals but probably not a good idea.
  5. Anything medicine/science related.
    Super nerd. Love scientific illustrations.
  6. Jewelry
    Got a weakness for anything silvery or with 🐦🐧🐤
  7. Anything from a different culture
    I would love to receive something that you enjoy in your life and would like to share with me.