Today was a big day for me.
  1. I took the NAVLE.
    The NAVLE is the licensing exam to practice veterinary medicine in North America. It's over seven hours long! I have been studying for months and it's finally over. I don't think I passed though 😔
  2. Celebrated with margaritas 🍹
    Complained about how hard the exam was and commiserated with a classmate.
  3. Went to the bookstore!
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    I had been holding off buying books until after this exam so was really excited. I finally bought Lena's book and also a great local newsletter known as The Tinkypuss Zine (more about it later).
  4. Discovered The Tinkypuss Zine.
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    This was started by a community of local feminists and all the proceeds go to It's a non profit that is working to increase availability of reproductive health choices in the area.
  5. Now it's netflix and chill time.
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    With my favorite cat and favorite wine, of course.