Pictures of Animals on My Phone and Stories Behind Them

Most pictures on my phone are of animals but I've selected a few where I remember the backstory. I love all of these critters and this profession!
  1. Great horned owl
    I was a part of the wildlife treatment crew during my first two years of vet school and this was one of my patients. We got to take care of wildlife cases that were brought in by Good Samaritans. I enjoyed worked with birds of prey and want to eventually go into wildlife medicine.
  2. Sheep (I think they're Katahdin breed?)
    During my small ruminant and camelids clinical rotation, we visited a sheep operation where we took fecal and blood samples for infectious disease testing and vaccinated them. Great example of herd health medicine.
  3. Zebra
    This was a pet we had to vaccinate, very rowdy and had to sedate him twice using a blow dart. No, zebras are not like horses. Don't keep one as a pet!
  4. Alpacas
    This was also on the same clinical rotation (I took a lot of pictures). They were also kept as pets. Alpacas can also be rowdy and they can spit or kick you. These were very friendly though.
  5. Baby goat
    At a dairy farm in South Carolina. Great place to visit, cuddle kids and try some amazing goat cheese and kefir. I will be back one day to adopt a goat!
  6. Baby llama (Cria)
    This little Cria was born the same day, but with a congenital defect that inhibited it from suckling. Unfortunately, it didn't do well and had to be euthanized.
  7. Pug
    Pugs and other breeds like Bulldogs are brachycephalic breeds, which just means their nose conformation is short. Because of this, they can get respiratory distress and other problems. This guy was getting a laser ablation to increase the size of his nares/nostrils so he could breath better.
  8. Ponies
    A group of people bought these ponies and decorated them to surprise one of the equine professors on his birthday. He was not happy at all!
  9. King Charles Cavalier puppy
    This guy was brought in by a breeder because he was born with a congenital heart defect called patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). The breeder couldn't sell it because of the defect but a vet student ended up adopting him and paid for him to have the surgery. He wouldn't have survived without it.
  10. Geoffrey the gent
    He belongs to a classmate. Geoffrey was brought in to the emergency room because he was infested with fleas and his owner wanted to get rid of him. Solution? A vet student adopted him :)