Secret freaking santa 🎄🎅🏼✨

I can't express how excited I was for this package. My family doesn't exchange presents so this is a lot more fun for me. @gayla is a beautiful doll and outdid my expectations!
  1. Oooh, let's get started. I'm already freaking out.
  2. Omg, there's more than one present.
  3. First up, coffee mug from @gayla's almamater
  4. I love this wrapping idea with the ornament
  5. Treat yo' self! Eos, socks, such a pretty candle, face masks! So much pampering to do.
  6. All time favorite, and my cousin has already claimed this.
  7. Ready to frame coloring pages?!
  8. A piece of Huntington, WV. Quarterly magazine from @gayla's hometown, which I'm now looking for on a map.
  9. @gayla I love every single thing! Thank you so much so these thoughtful presents 💜
  10. @DawnCloud thank you for taking the time to do this for our community 💜
  11. Side note: The fedex delivery guy knocked on my apartment door and I freaked out for a minute because it's 9:30 pm. Then I realized this is the only thing I've been waiting for.