Inspired by all you lovelies
  1. My name is Shaina.
    Unusual for a Indian girl.
  2. My mom chose my name.
    Typically, the paternal aunt chooses the child's name.
  3. My family calls me Shivu.
    Because I was born on Shivratri. The birthday of lord Shiva, an auspicious day in Hinduism.
  4. Growing up in India, my classmates made fun of my name and butchered it.
    Adults often confused it with Shivani. A similar, more traditional name.
  5. Living in States, I never have that problem.
    Life is funny.
  6. I've been called Shanaynay by my close friends.
  7. It means beautiful in Hebrew.
    That is pretty much the only meaning I can find of the name.