Thanks for the request @DarrenBGarrett . Getting a whole weekend off is a treat for me because I'm usually on call (like today 😔).
  1. Drink lots of coffee, slowly.
    And listen to or read news, specially on a rainy day like today 🌧
  2. Binge watch a tv show
    Currently on season 4 of Game Of Thrones and in love in Dany.
  3. Take afternoon naps
    Fall asleep on the couch and have a dream about GOT (obvi!).
  4. Cook a delicious meal
    While drinking lots of wine.
  5. Stay in my pajamas for over 24 hours
  6. Alternatively, hang out with friends and catch up on all the gossip.
    Ideally, make them come over so I can stay in pjs, haha!
  7. In conclusion, I'm lazy and will try and not leave the house if I can help it.