10 words/idioms on heavy rotation this week
  1. Greasy spoon
    All these years I've been saying hole in the wall but this is way cuter!!
  2. Mr Rogers
    Used to describe a beloved individual; the highest compliment
  3. frothy
    For use in reference to steamed milk (~2 times a day), insubstantial music, insubstantial film, etc
  4. epiphanic
    "I haven't experienced anything epiphanic in 5 years"
  5. lollygag
  6. frontal lobe
    As in, "I have seven more years to perfect my frontal lobe"
  7. Intercourse
    "I like that word intercourse. It poses only a limited range of possibilities" - murakami -- Primarily for use outside of the bedroom
  8. Tums
    As in "Do you have any tums?" "Where did I put the tums?"
  9. derivative
    dismissive, intelligent-sounding, but totally vague 👌🏻
  10. If you give a mouse a cookie
    might be the most useful idiom of all