My first Christmas in an English boarding school..
  1. God impregnanted Mary who gave birth to Jesus who is essentially also God?
  2. Doing absolutely shit in Christmas Quizzes.
    No, don't ask me the names of all the other reindeers.
  3. People's absolute shock when they find out you don't celebrate Christmas.
    "What?! You don't celebrate Christmas? What do you do?" "Well, it may be a surprise to you but we have other religions in this world."
  4. Not knowing that you're supposed to share Christmas Crackers, in hope that you'll be strong enough to get the gift.
    You mean I don't get the gift by default?
  5. Literally being the only one who doesn't know any of the Christmas Carols.
    My repertoire doesn't really go beyond Silent Night and All I Want for Christmas is You.. which is totally a carol.
  6. Having to get an Ugly Christmas Sweater, for Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.
    I actually can't believe this is a thing.
  7. Not getting Christmas presents.
    (But also having lovely friends who insist on compensating with Maltesers. <3)