I was named Shaista after my father's late sister, and it's a name which I believe means "beautiful" in Urdu, the national language of Pakistan. Also, according to Urban Dictionary, I am "loved by everyone, secretly hated by a few." That probably explains the countless times the pronunciation has been absolutely butchered.
  1. Firstly, my name is pronounced Shah-ees-ta, with particular emphasis on the "ees" bit.
  2. It's really simple to be honest, all you have to do is read the name and you'll figure it out. Unfortunately, my name doesn't seem to be worth the time of many that I've met. Mostly foreigners.
  3. I know that my name is pretty unusual, but I make the effort to pronounce everyone's name as accurately as possible, rather than giving up and finding something "easier."
    My nickname is Shasha, which I don't mind, but I don't like it when people dismiss my real name immediately just because they won't even try to learn how to fuckin say it.
  4. Anyway, first we have
  5. Shieße, literally meaning Shit in German.
    This didn't really occur when I was living in Malaysia, but when I moved to England literally EVERYONE SAID THIS!!!!!!
  6. Sushi/Shushi
  7. Shasheeta
  8. Shaizz
  9. Shishta
  10. Sharistal
    Why would you add more letters?!
  11. Shystur
  12. Shita
  13. Shit
  14. SHIT MAN
  15. just learn my name for fucks sake
  16. it's not that hard
  17. I don't want to make my name more Eurocentric to make it easier for you to say
  18. just
  19. learn
  20. it
  21. because I deserve to have an identity that is respected.