SPOILERS kind of
    This was the only part I really knew.
  2. This was my first time watching a SW film in full
  3. The only other encounters I've had with SW is watching the 4th episode, and falling asleep
  4. It's just not as exciting on the big screen
  5. Also my friends call me Yoda
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  6. So essentially, I was losing my Star Wars virginity FINALLY
  7. Anyway here were/are my thoughts
  8. Rey is awesome and beautiful and serves as an awesome feminist hero for me and little girls everywhere
  9. Poe and Finn's bromance made me warm and fuzzy inside
  10. Everything was just super EPIC
  11. the cameos were EPIC
  12. having the original actors made me feel so HAPPY even though I literally have never been into SW
  13. ALSO, there were 3 Indonesian actors in a scene with Han Solo and it made me feel so happy and represented and so much Indonesian pride (my dad is Indonesian)
  14. ..John Boyega... aye papiiii
  15. I LOVE MAz
  17. I love everything
  18. At the end of the film I literally felt like I had gone through a religious ~*~mystical~*~ experience
  19. needless to say
  20. my Star Wars education begins NOW LIKE RIGHT NOW
  21. Better late than never, right?!!!!!!!!!!!...💁🏾