Since it's already New Year's Eve in Malaysia.. This year has been a weird year of selfies- my self confidence really fluctuated this year b/c of my sudden acne problem in this middle of the year, but I've tried my hardest to embrace my skin and myself, despite it being imperfect esp in comparison to the girls in my school lol.
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    This was before @zinakara's leaving party and was #feelingmyself tbh
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    This was taken before I went to Laneway festival in Singapore, where I saw FKA twigs, St Vincent, Angus & Julia Stone, Mac DeMarco, Little Dragon etc. I was very happy.
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    This was taken after breakfast, and I took advantage of the beautiful Malaysian morning light and was trying to get used to my natural skin tbh.
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    Red lipstick. Yes. πŸ€˜πŸ½πŸ‘„
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    This was taken on my 16th birthday, on which I spent the whole day crying sad tears. As you can see, I had a lot of acne scars and it really was affecting me, amongst other things.
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    This was when I got my new ass glasses in Jakarta and feelin phreshhhhh πŸ‘½
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    Acne scars. Messy hair. New School. Expectations expectations expectations. But this was an intentional unflattering selfie I sent to my dad, lol.
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    After a good day.
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    This was the day I promised to myself that I would stop trying to fulfil anyone's standards except for my own, especially mainstream Eurocentric beauty standards. #browngirlsarebeautiful πŸ€“Still working on that though, lol
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    This was taken two days ago, and I'm gonna have to say that even if this year has been hard as fuck, I think the best thing I can do is exude honest confidence in myself and look beyond what lies on anyone's surface, because it's never fair to do that. Even to yourself. I gotta treat myself better, damn.
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