In no particular order
  1. Cargo shorts
    Seriously dudes
  2. Pineapple on pizza
    Get that shit outta here (looking at you California)
  3. Donald Trump
    This dude can run naked backwards through a field of dicks
  4. Squash
    Fuck you squash
  5. Sleeping when it's hot
    Sweating... Kill me
  6. Car selfies
    For the love of God
  7. Selfies
    Just in general
  8. Motivational quotes
    Particularly some shit posted over a totally unrelated image on basics' IGs
  9. Out of focus pics
    Jesus Christ, you can tell it looks like shit - don't post that shit on social media
  10. Mom's comments
    Love you Mom but stop fucking with my IG game
  11. +1 Man buns
    Come on dudes - seriously, you look like a fucking tool
  12. +2 'Brekkie'
    OMFG. Cut. It. Out. Stop calling breakfast 'brekkie' before my fucking head explodes