My Favorite Hot Men over 50

They're rugged, they're sexy, they're spicy and they know how to live with passion and get the job done.
  1. Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel
    Jim has a perfectly chiseled face of a god...and he goes into the storm when others are running out. There was a special on The Weather Channel- See Jim Cantore Walk on Flood Waters.
  2. Joe Girardi - mgr for the Yankees
    Grace under pressure. This guy doesn't break a sweat during a game. He seems to always have something else in his mind.
  3. Bruce Springsteen - no words are necessary
    Bruce has the ability to tear open his heart and spill his sadness, frustration, fears and passions into words and music. Music that calls us home, sounds familiar and makes us feel like we are not alone.
  4. Charlie Rose from CBS news
    I watch his news show every morning. His depth of knowledge about his subject impresses me and his youthful chuckle along with a North Carolina accent gives me a reason to get on with my life while sipping my coffee.