Often forgotten, abandoned or destroyed, elder pets are the best kept secret!
  1. Rosie is already housebroken
  2. Apparently, someone else took the time (and $) to train her
  3. She knows how to walk on a leash
  4. She's older so there's no chewing of socks, panties, Nintendo controller wires etc
  5. She's mellow
  6. She's grateful
  7. She does a little dance every time I walk in the door
  8. She's also trained not to beg or jump on furniture
  9. I can leave her alone with my 12 yr old toothless yorkie and she doesn't torment him.
  10. She can handle being alone
  11. She doesn't mind wearing cute sweaters
  12. We seniors need to stick together! Someone invested a lot of time and energy into Rosie and I am grateful I got the honor of adopting her.
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