Tonight is the kickoff show for The River Tour starting in Pittsburg, so I figured I'd prep any newbies. I won't be there tonite but I'll see him next week at MSG.
  1. Bruce and the E Street Band will play their hearts out for at least 3 hours nonstop
  2. You will be on your feet the entire time most likely surrounded by bigger fans then yourself
  3. The crowd will sing every line to every song. Study those lyrics!
  4. The crowd always opens Hungry Hearts first few lines before Bruce takes the lead
  5. Most likely closers are Born to Run, Thunder Road or Rosalita
  6. It's not a concert- it's a Show. When you think the crowd is booing- it's not. It's chanting BRUUUUUCE!
  7. Anything is possible at a Bruce show
  8. Bruce still throws himself into the pit and gets carried around like the hometown hero he is
  9. The crowd takes on a life of its own - we have our parts in songs. Just go along with it.
  10. You will never be the same. This band takes you back in time and energizes your future with the ministry of rock and roll