Am I a cryer? Not really. But while The Office is ostensibly a comedy, its real specialty lies in creating these devastatingly honest moments that I haven't seen on TV prior to or since this show.
  1. WHEN MICHAEL PRIORITIZES. Jan comes to the office with her new baby and she's all shitty toward Michael and Michael is all shitty toward Holly in some misguided sense of loyalty to Jan. At the end, Michael gives Holly this amazing hug that makes her tear up and subsequently, me. Lovely.
  2. WHEN MICHAEL CELEBRATES HALLOWEEN. After a long Halloween day in which Michael finally fires someone from the office, he goes home and gives candy to trick-or-treaters, he sits alone at home in the dark and you realize just how lonely he really is. How lonely we all are. Human. Condition.
  3. WHEN JIM INTERRUPTS. Pam has accepted her fate that she and Jim will never get their timing right during her talking head, and Jim opens the door and asks her out. Credit to Jenna Fischer for an incredible performance- her face swells with myriad emotions after she accepts. She continues with the perfect line: "I'm sorry, what was the question?"