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Most likely, he died many years ago.
  1. Well, first off, I'd probably burst into tears and give him the biggest hug.
  2. Then I'd stare at his face and go over our similarities. It would be such a trip to meet another human being who looks like "me".
    I never thought me and my mom looked alike when I was younger. Now that I'm getting older I definitely am morphing into her a bit. My son is the only one who looks like me IMO, and it was such an unbelievably pleasant surprise to see his little Shanaz face for the first time.
  3. I'd ask him about his family. My family. my grandparents. My cousins!
    What are they like? Their names? Family traditions? Are they a trip? Who's the crazy one?
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A runny list of firsts, discoveries and milestones.
  1. 6/15 First time hearing The Thong Song by Sisqo.
    The video was on MTV Classic (they play actual music videos all day long!) He watched some of it but I eventually changed the channel. He liked it.
  2. 6/15 First time eating a fruit roll up.
    Did NOT like. (Granted, it was the Annie's brand fruit roll up.)
  3. 6/18 First time at the batting cages/swinging a bat
    It was a kid friendly batting cage. I didn't get to see this bc I was working but he told me he loved it!
  4. 6/19 First time doing (helping me with) laundry
    Hopefully the first of MANY and not the last!
The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling!
  1. G.L.O.W was a ladies wrestling show that aired in the '80s and little me was VERY into it. They fuckin rocked.
  2. Badass ladies fighting in the ring wearing colorful crazy wrestling outfits and acting completely over the top?
    Yup, into it.
  3. I looked them up for nostalgia and saw there's also a documentary on GLOW.. I'll have to check it out.
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And I'm keeping them. well, some of them. *not my pics - I work at a cinema btw
  1. Frances Ha
  2. Birdman
  3. Sicario
    Keeping this, framing it
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Have a fab weekend everyone!!
  1. Cheers!
  2. I can't wait for summer!
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It's official.. I've become my mother...
  1. $30 for a damn cheap ass foam toy??
  2. Aww hell nahhh.. I can make that
  3. Cut out paper and scotch tape..
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Photographer: Thomas Schenk Quotes by Neil Gaiman
  1. 1.
    My personal favorite
  2. 2.
    Really cool, I'm not mad at this being the cover
  3. 3.
    I like the sexy/innocent look holding the golden gun
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  1. I did it myself so it's not pin straight, it's got lotsa bawdy
  2. I just needed something different
  3. Lil swoop
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My first official beach day of 2016 Cape Cod
  1. Finally summer is here!
    This was Friday morning, low tide- EMPTY beach!!
  2. Now that I have a beach tent, I feel they are essential 👌🏾
    Especially with a baby! This ones from Target, I bought it around 4 yrs ago..it was around $20. I now use it for everything- inside the house for "camping", in the yard for picnics, outside book reading/naps, on top of my sons bed and cram it w stuffed animals.. Oh and yeah, the beach.
  3. Gotta have shovels & buckets & toys
    Sometimes we bring trucks and stuff. My kiddo barely touched this stuff, we basically just ran around the beach exploring.
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