All The Toys I've Hidden Away From My Kid

  1. This fucking truck that plays the most obnoxious song and has a seizure inducing light show
  2. Ugh I got smacked one too many times with this bastard thing
  3. Various guns
    We call them blasters. He just gets a little out of control with these. The white one lights up and makes a loud noise so that's done. The orangey one makes this loud click that gives me a major headache. But he'll just makes blasters out of his mega blocks, or sticks or whatever he can find, anyway!
  4. This tank
    I forgot why I took this away but it's staying away...
  5. Sword & Dagger
    The sword came with a dress up set and the dagger is retractable and I bought it because.. pirates? Yeahhhhh bye.
  6. Hammers
    Bc obvious
  7. And they all live up on top of my hutch now. Bye.