Inspired by @LeahG
  1. In my mid twenties I worked for a private home care company.
    Kind of like a visiting CNA but I wasn't a licensed CNA- I had other credentials (first aid/CPR etc) and experience.
  2. On my first day of this one job this guy made me feel so fucking uncomfortable.
    I was there to take care of his ninety year old mother who lived in his basement apartment.
  3. I walk in and he would not stop gushing over how beautiful I was and how I was prettier than the last girl..
    All this said in front of HIS WIFE!
  4. Look, I'm very self aware. I know I'm cute. Hell, I can be beautiful when I want to. But Naomi FUCKING Campbell did NOT just walk into your home in SCRUBS to wash your momma and spoon feed her!!
    Get a grip. Have some common curtesy.
  5. So his wife leaves, and he gives me a quick tour of the house. Then I meet "Mother" (very sweet, VERY OLD) and then he just couldn't help himself.. He just had to say one more thing..
    "You are really so beautiful, where are you from? You are so.."
    That's what shot out of my mouth. I was done. I'm too nice sometimes but even nice people can only take so much.
  7. He STFU. It was a little awkward after that but hey, whatever. I worked there a few more weeks but left that company after finding another job.
    Don't get me wrong, I love a good compliment. But not at work. Especially when I'm working a job where I'm dealing with helping your mother to use the toilet.
  8. Get it together people!