Beach better have my money..

My first official beach day of 2016 Cape Cod
  1. Finally summer is here!
    This was Friday morning, low tide- EMPTY beach!!
  2. Now that I have a beach tent, I feel they are essential 👌🏾
    Especially with a baby! This ones from Target, I bought it around 4 yrs was around $20. I now use it for everything- inside the house for "camping", in the yard for picnics, outside book reading/naps, on top of my sons bed and cram it w stuffed animals.. Oh and yeah, the beach.
  3. Gotta have shovels & buckets & toys
    Sometimes we bring trucks and stuff. My kiddo barely touched this stuff, we basically just ran around the beach exploring.
  4. Sunscreen- gotta have it.
    Or as my son calls it "Scun-Screen". How do you white people not wear it?? I got sunburnt ONCE and learned my lesson.
  5. Debuted my GAP navy blue bikini!
    On sale of course
  6. Made friends with a beach beetle..
    He hung out in my beach tent the entire time.
  7. We ran that beach
    Walked/ran the length of the sand (while the tide was low) until we hit the ocean, then back. I found a horseshoe crab but it was dead! 😩
  8. The sun felt glorious
    I'm not about that cold weather life.
  9. I enjoyed this empty beach while I could..
    The tourists are here in full effect..
  10. "End of public beach"
    He's such a rebel.