A runny list of firsts, discoveries and milestones.
  1. 6/15 First time hearing The Thong Song by Sisqo.
    The video was on MTV Classic (they play actual music videos all day long!) He watched some of it but I eventually changed the channel. He liked it.
  2. 6/15 First time eating a fruit roll up.
    Did NOT like. (Granted, it was the Annie's brand)
  3. 6/18 First time at the batting cages/swinging a bat
    It was a kid friendly batting cage. I didn't get to see this bc I was working but he told me he loved it!
  4. 6/19 First time doing (helping me with) laundry
    Hopefully the first of MANY and not the last!
  5. 6/25 First time playing air hockey
    He loved it
  6. 6/27 First time eating a fig newton
    He said he liked it but I noticed he didn't finish it..
  7. 7/8 First time watching a fireworks display
    He was super excited at the first few bursts then quickly lost interest