The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling!
  1. G.L.O.W was a ladies wrestling show that aired in the '80s and little me was VERY into it. They fuckin rocked.
  2. Badass ladies fighting in the ring wearing colorful crazy wrestling outfits and acting completely over the top?
    Yup, into it.
  3. I looked them up for nostalgia and saw there's also a documentary on GLOW.. I'll have to check it out.
  4. Anyone else watch this as a kid??
    Or should I be questioning my moms parenting skills?
  5. One of my faves was Big Bad Mama...
    She was highly misunderstood..
  6. Also Mount Fiji
    She was cool.
  7. *I'm sure if I watched this now I'd notice how dated it is and how it was all kinds of wrong on so many levels but let me have my fun memories, k? thx.
  8. I still kinda like wrestling. But nothing beats '80s wrestling!!
    Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Macho Man, etc and GLOW!!!
  9. Guys, Wresting is real.