1. So this was YEARS and years ago (I think I was 18?) when I worked at a grocery store.
    The deli department!
  2. It was one of my first jobs and it was okay at first. But there was this older guy that was the deli manager and he was very "flirty"-
    You know the type. Doesn't call you by your first name- it's always honey, sweetie etc etc just inappropriate in his actions and language.
  3. And I let all that slide..
    I want to make excuses for myself; I was young. I was timid. But why should I make excuses?!? Why do I feel guilty that HE took things too far?
  4. One day he was out of fucking control.
  5. He told me he wanted to see me in lingerie.
  6. He touched my butt as he walked by.
  7. He whispered in my ear..
    Something about me being sexy.
  8. He grabbed my hips as he slithered and squeezed by me and a coworker.
  9. He may have said other things but I forget.
  10. When I got home I immediately took a shower.
    I felt gross.
  11. I quit the very next day.
    Bless the supervisors heart. She knew it was because of him. She tried to get me to tell her why I was quitting and for some reason I couldn't say why. I felt like if I did I was snitching or something.
  12. He was fired soon after for.. You guessed it.. SEXUAL HARASSMENT!
    And I'm glad someone had the strength to stand up.
  13. Also thank god for his sake because when I finally told my mom she marched in there to kill his ass.
  14. Oh, and to top it off his name was FRENCHIE!
  15. This wasn't to be the last time I was spoken to inappropriately or propositioned at work btw
    But every time it happened since then I shut it the fuck down immediately because of that experience.
  16. I just wanted to share.