Most likely, he died many years ago.
  1. Well, first off, I'd probably burst into tears and give him the biggest hug.
  2. Then I'd stare at his face and go over our similarities. It would be such a trip to meet another human being who looks like "me".
    I never thought me and my mom looked alike when I was younger. Now that I'm getting older I definitely am morphing into her a bit. My son is the only one who looks like me IMO, and it was such an unbelievably pleasant surprise to see his little Shanaz face for the first time.
  3. I'd ask him about his family. My family. my grandparents. My cousins!
    What are they like? Their names? Family traditions? Are they a trip? Who's the crazy one?
  4. I'd ask him about what it was like meeting and falling in love with my mom.
    I've heard her version, now I want to hear his.
  5. I'd ask him what it was like being a foreigner in America in the '70s.
  6. I'd ask him about being in the Shahs Imperial Navy.
    What was THAT like?
  7. I'd ask him about his sense of humor..
    Did I get my silliness from him? Because it sure wasn't from my mom..
  8. I'd ask him about his Muslim faith.
  9. Around this time I'd put on some disco music and dance with him.
    I heard he was a great dancer.
  10. I'd ask him if he had any Persian family recipes to hand down.
  11. Then I'd get a little more serious. I'd ask him what was going through his mind when the Shah fell and the Iranian revolution was happening and he had to return to Iran, leaving behind his love (my mom) and baby girl.
    That must've been devastating.
  12. I'd ask him what he thinks about current events and the state of the world today.
    What are his political views? Views on woman's rights? LGBTQ rights? Immigrants? The Environment?
  13. We'd break for lunch and I'd ask him about his favorite foods.
  14. Then I'd ask him a million more questions.
    What's Iran like? Mashhad? Can you teach me to speak Farsi? What's your favorite movie? Color? Book? Did you have any pets growing up? Why did you name me Shanaz? Are you artistic? Do you have a weird pinky toe like me? Did I get this wonky toof from your side? What do YOU think of ME? Are you proud of me? And on and on and on..
  15. And then I'd show him the gold necklace that he gave my mom when he left, which she then gave to me. I'd tell him that it's my most cherished possession and that I wore it on my wedding day.
    And on that day I walked down the aisle alone. But wearing the necklace felt like he was with me.