Running list
  1. Best way I can describe this is it's like a Rick and Morty for kids. It's so good and so funny!! Me and Eli are going to be Star and Marco for Halloween, probably.
  2. My Brother's Sneaker podcast
    I know ZERO about sneakers/sneakerhead culture but this makes me laugh
  3. Shaun the Sheep on Amazon
    This is the absolute cutest show on Earth. Bonus that it's really good!
  4. It's been really silly and fun making a podcast with my kiddo- check us out on
  5. These are yummy with saltines
    I've been keeping a pack or two in my bag for a great on the go lunch.. definitely need gum after tho!
  6. Princess Olive on Bumpers
    @olive LOL funny and informative podcast(s)-subscribe to all of them! also follow @stars who needs to post more bc she's great