First, thank you so much @bjnovak @dev @Nicholas for including me in the Live event! I had a GREAT time.
  1. β€’
    I drove down to Connecticut, dropped off my son at my mom's house and then @salsa picked me up and drove us to Brooklyn.
    So glad my BFF could join me 😊
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    We were welcomed to NYC in style-
    A man yelled STUPID BITCHES! to us from his car after crossing the street.
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    Everyone I met last night exceeded my expectations:
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    I was honest when I said the last time I had been onstage was to grab my high school diploma at my graduation. (Almost 20 years ago😱) But BJ's warm and friendly presence put me at ease (ish) once I joined him onstage- I was a nervous wreck! I can't wait to visit you at your new house on the Cape.. πŸ˜‰
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    It was such a TRIP to meet all of you lovely people in the flesh. I think I hugged the life out of @DG @k8mcgarry and @element75
    It was so great meeting you all!! Loving your haircut @ErinFlaherty
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    It's a small world
    Ran into Lori from my high school who I haven't seen since.. High school! Lori you look great..Class of '97 represent! Tag yourself so I can follow you. Btw I lost that scarf I'm so bummed 😩
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    The fact that I'm included in this list is CRAZY to me. You are all so cool, so encouraging and so TALENTED!
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    After my list reading set, I was much more relaxed and started DRANKIN
    I was sucking down vodka cranberries like I was 21 again! Also thank you again @k8mcgarry and @emmafreud for the yummy ginger lemony beer/cider
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    This is the only picture I tookβ€”> I was having too much fun and drinkin too many dranks that I only took a few pics! 😩 btw how fucking cute are these three!?! @olive I'm adopting you and @dfly can we be eat friends? *edit* that's supposed to say BEST not eat but imma keep it
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    After the show I met up with one of my besties from HS who lives in Park Slope
    I hadn't seen him since my baby shower
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    I'm so not used to going out (amiright, @thebestSR ?) That I drunkenly left the bag of bad toys at one of the bars!!!
    Maybe I passed on the curse to another mom? Kinda like "It Follows"?
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    What or who did I forget? I only got maybe three hours of sleep and traveled the entire day- I'm so exhausted πŸ˜“