To add to my prev. List: REMEMBER WHEN I USED TO EAT SARDINES FOR DINNER.. Mostly comedies.. And I used to quote them.. 🙄
  1. Meet the Feebles
    This is soooo.. Ummmm
  2. Kids
    I don't know if I can watch this now..
  3. Tunnel Vision
  4. I'm Gonna get you Sucka
    "Don't make me hop after you!" "One rib" still so fucking hilarious 😂😂😂
  5. Welcome to the Dollhouse
  6. MST3K
    Now I can only watch selected episodes- not the actual movie. And always FF the lil in between skits..
  7. Anime movies like Akira
    Akira is all I really remember but I know I watched a lot of this stuff
  8. Ace Ventura
    So quotable omggg
  9. Hollywood Shuffle
    Stole this from my mom
  10. Strange Days
    Me and my BFF were obsessed w this movie! Still am TBH
  11. To Die For
    So good
  12. Heathers
  13. The Doom Generation
    Another movie that I don't think I could watch now? I dunno?
  14. Night of the Demons
    This is just pure silliness- when she sticks the lipstick inside her nipple 😩😂
  15. The City of Lost Children
    Miette is still one of my favorite names
  16. Buffalo 66
  17. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
    Awesome movie.. I was a strange teen
  18. All the Eddie Murphy
    Coming to America, Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop, Raw, Delirious..
  19. Anything Bruce Lee