1. Today I left my car lights on while I shopped at Marshall's.
    Car dead 😑
  2. I have jumper cables and I know how to use them but since I've never jumped a car before I didn't have much confidence in myself.
    You'll have that
  3. But I was parked next to one of those random bank kiosks and I saw a handyman working on the door.
  4. I asked him if he would please park his truck in front of my car and help me out.
  5. He was super nice and hooked up the cables to our cars and my car started right up!
  6. I was very thankful and even tried to hand the guy $5 bucks and he was like "No, no! Buy yourself an iced coffee or something!"
    There are nice people in this world guys.
  7. So, I guess I'm lucky.
  8. But also..
  9. I then drove next door to the Dunkin Donuts and bought the guy an iced coffee and a donut because I was VERY grateful.
    I had to pick up my son soon from preschool so he really helped me out of a potential disaster.
  10. When I got back the guy was nowhere to be found, but his truck was still there.
  11. So I wandered around the lot and around the bank kiosk with the large iced coffee in one hand and a bag with a glazed chocolate donut in the other looking very confused and lost for a sec.
  12. That's when I noticed an older (white) lady openly staring at me suspiciously.
    Stank faced.
  13. I thought of Terence Crutcher. I thought Who's going to believe that I was wandering around a parking lot with a bank in it, wearing all black, being black and wearing a BLACK HOODIE -that I'm just looking for a random guy to give him this coffee? I thought of Trayvon Martin.
  14. I immediately put the treats on the hood of the guys truck (with a note saying Thank You) and I got the FUCK outta there before someone called the police on me.
  15. I picked up my son from preschool and drove us home.
  16. I'm alive.
  17. So, I guess I'm lucky.