1. The way his head smells
    Why do babies and kids heads smell so damn good?? It must be some sort of chemical scientific bond between parent and child. I'm always smelling his lil head and probably looking like an actual psycho.
  2. When he mispronounces words
    It's so F-ing cute! Orange was "Oranginge" (that's Orange-GINGE) for so long I almost cried when he said Orange. At least Chipmunks are still Chipmonkeys.
  3. He's really cute
    As in, good looking. Which I know is a dumb thing to be happy about and proud of but since all kids are basically selfish little devils it's a relief that you can think "well, at least he's cute!"
  4. The Positive attention you get
    I used to work in a doctors office and I was very friendly with the patients and on good terms (or so I thought) But I swear, as soon as my pregnancy was showing these women that I'd seen lots of times before began actually having full on conversations with me! It opened up a whole new world (as Aladdin would say..) and my son continues to attract mostly positive attention wherever we go.
  5. Everything is new again!
    Basically, babies are like having your own alien from another planet that you are bound to teach everything about our world to. How to eat, clean themselves, survive but also check out this movie! This is a playground! This is art! Everything is brand new to them and it can be fun showing them all these wonderful things.
  6. He thinks I'm magic
    I love that he loves me.. But more than that he thinks I'm magic. I kiss booboos and they are healed! I put on a dress and I'm suddenly a princess! He thinks I'm actually calling Santa!