To read over and over again whenever he does something that makes you feel otherwise
  1. He's not over his previous relationship
  2. He's a workaholic
    Two workaholics doesn't work
  3. You can't give him romance
    The part where you let things slide and keep your mouth shut while keeping up appearances and sex
  4. Can he love Akira the same as he loves Miles?
  5. Baba will probably like him more than Todd
    And that would suck bc they have a nice friendship now
  6. Your not athletic
    So many sports
  7. You get on his nerves
    He literally told you - you struck a nerve
  8. You're too direct
    How many times has he asked why you're talking about something that's touchy or asked to change the subject?
  9. He romanticizes
    And that makes it hard to deal with what's really actually happening
  10. He can minimize and undermine you
    I think you literally have to be in a fetal position crying for him to realize you have burdens too
  11. He's an idealist
    And that makes it feel like your life is messy and abnormal
  12. He's not over his ex
    Why do we even list any thing else come on.